Teacher Certifications

Anyone seeking educator certification in Texas must pass examinations of professional knowledge and subject content approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). In addition to passing the appropriate certification examinations, applicants for a Texas educator certificate must satisfy other requirements by following one of the several routes to educator certification listed below and must apply for certification using the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) by going to www.tea.texas.gov. Select the ‘Texas Educators’ tab on the top bar, then from the list titled Certification click on ‘Initial Certification’. Next choose the option ‘ECOS Login’.

  1. University-based Programs
    These programs are usually delivered as part of a baccalaureate degree program; however, most colleges and universities, also, have programs designed to prepare those who already hold a bachelor’s and want to obtain educator certification. The only exemption from the degree requirement is for individuals seeking Career and Technology certification in certain courses such as welding or automotive technology. Since university-based programs may vary by institution, individuals should contact the college or university of their choice for degree and/or certification requirements.
  2. Alternative Programs for Educator Preparation
    Some institutions of higher education, school districts, regional service centers, community colleges, and other entities have been approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) to operate alternative programs of preparation for teachers. These programs may involve university coursework or other professional development experiences as well as intense mentoring and supervision during the candidate’s first year as an educator. Many of these programs can be completed in a year, during which time an individual may hold a paid teaching position in a public school classroom. A list of these Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) can be found at www.tea.texas.gov. Select the ‘Texas Educators’ tab on the top bar, then from the list titled Preparation and Continuing Education click on ‘Choosing an Educator Preparation Program’. In the first paragraph click on ‘approved EPPs’.
  3. Additional Certification Based on Examination
    A teacher who holds an appropriate Texas classroom teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree may add classroom certification areas by successfully completing the appropriate certification examination(s) for the area(s) sought. Certification by examination is not available for the following:

    • Initial certification
    • Career and Technology certification based on skill and work experience
    • A class of certificate other than classroom teacher (e.g. School Counselor, Principal, Superintendent, Learning Resources/School Librarian, Educational Diagnostician)
    • A certificate for which no certification examination has been developed

Teachers wishing to add certification by examination must apply online and pay for the certification online after passing the appropriate exam(s).

  • An applicant who has been issued a standard certificate or credential from another state, territory of the United States, or another country may apply for a Texas certificate. The credentials must be equivalent to a certificate issued by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and must not have been revoked, suspended, or pending such action. SBEC will evaluate an expired credential provided it was standard at the time of issuance. A statement issued by another state department of education specifying eligibility for standard certification upon completion of certain employment or examination requirements will have the same standing as a standard certificate.
  • An applicant who holds a standard credential issued by a jurisdiction outside Texas and who meets specified requirements as determined by the review of credentials completed by SBEC may be issued a One-Year Certificate in one or more subject areas. During the validity of this temporary, nonrenewable certificate, the applicant must satisfactorily complete all appropriate examinations for each certification area for which continued certification is desired. Individuals who have completed an examination administered under the authority of a jurisdiction outside Texas that is determined to be comparable to a Texas test may request an exemption of the Texas test. Information on comparable out-of-state tests can be found at www.tea.texas.gov. Select the ‘Texas Educators’ tab on the top bar, then from the list titled Certification click on ‘Out-of-State Certification’.
    To apply for the review of credentials and the One-Year Certification, click on ‘Certification based on credentials from another country’ from that same ‘Out-of-Sate Certification’ web page, and follow the instructions. The review of credentials and the issuance of the One-Year Certificate require a nonrefundable online payment of $164 along with a separate processing fee for fingerprinting.
    To establish eligibility for the Standard Certificate, certified applicants from outside Texas must complete all requirements specified in the certification plan prepared by SBEC after completing the online credentials review.
Applicants for Educational Aide positions shall have earned a high school diploma either from an accredited high school or through a GED program.

Applicants shall have at least 48 college hours or an Associate’s Degree or Higher or must successfully complete the Paraprofessional Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (PAKS), and must have at least 2 years of child-related experience. Computer skills are preferred.

Applicants not meeting the stated requirements may also attend an accredited paraprofessional training program. Please refer to this link.

Why should you student teach in Aldine? Past student teachers have recommended taking this opportunity because of…

The level of support you receive.
Our student teaching program provides supportive cooperative teachers and a strong mentoring program. We conduct seminars on topics that help student teachers perform at their best: classroom management, parent conferences, and interviewing techniques. Out-of-state student teachers are also given an overview of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests.

The ability to enter individualized teaching situations.
Because of the Aldine’s size, with 83 schools for the 2018-19 school year and an enrollment of more than 65,000 students, we can provide a teaching situation geared to fit individual student teacher requests while following the guidelines and requirements of your university. We believe that student teaching in our district will prepare you for teaching in any classroom of your own.

The amount of diversity encountered.

Aldine Independent School District, located in Houston, Texas, is an urban school district with a student population that is diverse, both culturally and economically.

Classrooms are composed of students of Hispanic, African-American, Anglo, and Asian heritage. They range socio-economically from poverty level to upper middle class. The schools blend these cultures and backgrounds to provide the best possible education for our students.

The opportunities provided by a big city.

Because Houston is the nation’s fourth largest city, there are many opportunities available to its inhabitants. Aldine is only about 14 miles away from downtown museums, parks, and sports arenas. North of the city lies the tranquility of the outdoors at Mercer Arboretum and Jesse H. Jones Park. Further north is the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, an outdoor theatre which hosts international performers. Some 45 miles to the south is Galveston Island on the Gulf of Mexico. This historic city offers opportunities for exploring, shopping, swimming, and sunning. These are but a few of the attractions the area offers you! Visit the the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau to find out more.

Aldine Independent School District currently has student teaching partnerships with the following universities. To inquire about student teaching opportunities in Aldine, contact the Director of Field Experiences at any of these universities or Human Resources Director Ruby Allen.

Read what previous student teachers have said about their experience in Aldine. The following are statements made by individuals who have student taught in Aldine.

…My cooperating teachers granted me the responsibility I needed to grow as an individual and a future colleague. The student population is very diverse which allowed me to interact with children from all walks of life…
Texas A&M University Student Teacher

…My student teaching experience in Aldine has given me the appropriate hands-on experience that I think is necessary to be a successful teacher. I have learned many different teaching strategies to help my students receive the best possible education…
Texas Southern University Student Teacher

…I came to fully appreciate the Aldine student teacher program. While some districts seem to toss their student teachers into a life raft to fend for themselves, Aldine gives their student teachers practically a luxury cruise on an ocean liner…
University of Houston Student Teacher

…I was an Iowa boy from a tiny town with little experience in “the big city.” I feel like I can do anything now as an educator. My advice to anyone thinking about coming here is to DO IT!…
Iowa State University Student Teacher

…The Aldine district works hard to support the cultural diversity of its students and staff. It encourages individual differences while uniting its students within a family of learners. The variety of programs offered insures that all students are given the skills they need for future success. Children are definitely placed first…
University of Iowa Student Teacher

…Teaching in Aldine has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The students here present challenges that remind me daily of the reasons I got into education in the first place…
Iowa State University Student Teacher

…My student teaching experience was wonderful! I had a great cooperating teacher and an outstanding faculty to work with. It certainly influenced my decision to stay in Aldine…
Houston Baptist University Student Teacher

…What a wonderful experience it was! The entire staff encouraged, guided and facilitated my growth as a teacher…
University of Houston Student Teacher

…Student teaching in Aldine was a wonderful experience. The support and modeling from master teachers encouraged me to work hard and do my best. I benefitted and enjoyed it immensely…
Sam Houston State University Student Teacher

Awesome, Learning Experience, Delightful, Inspiring, Nurturing, Exciting… spells out my student teaching experience in the Aldine School District…
Mankato State University Student Teacher

Individuals requesting observation hours for alternative education programs or college course work shall provide the following:

  1. Download the Observation Request Packet from the Aldine ISD Human Resources website. Fill out the form completely, being sure to identify any preference of campus.
  2. Submit a letter from the organization requiring you to complete observation hours. Letter must be on official letterhead and specifically state the amount of hours required.
  3. Provide a copy of a valid driver’s license.

Documents can be submitted in person to Human Resources or send electronically via email to [email protected].  A criminal background check will be run prior to granting approval for observations. Requests will be processed in 7-10 business with confirmation of approval sent to individual’s email address.

The yearly observation window is three weeks before the end of the first semester and three weeks before the end of the school year.

Download Request Form (PDF)