Teachers create a classroom culture where reading for pleasure is encouraged and supported.

Campers sit with a good book while pretending to roast marshmallows.

The first grade teachers sought to encourage students to read for pleasure. They wanted the young readers to view books as an adventure.

They transformed a class to give the students a new experience: Camping for a Good Book.

Students walked into a world of twinkling stars, chirping crickets, tents and campfires. The latter were pretend, of course.

Teachers and students sat together on the floor or in lawn chairs for a little shared reading and fun. Students learned that they could take a book anywhere, including camping.

The [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]Aldine Education Foundation made the experience possible. The teachers applied for a grant to fund their project.


First grade reading teachers at Dunn ES.

Thank you Aldine Education Foundation,” said teacher Anamaria Hernández. “Thank you for supporting teachers and students. We appreciate how the Foundation helped us cultivate a love of reading in young children.”

Another teacher shared how she has a student in her class that she can’t get to read a book for 15 minutes. But in the “camp out” experience, that same student read for more than 45 minutes!

It appears that there were many happy campers.


Judy Hoya (far left) and Michele McGovern from the Aldine Education Foundation visited with students during the “camp out.”

Happy Camping, Happy Reading! Thanks Aldine Education Foundation!

The mission of Aldine Education Foundation is to provide community-based support to the Aldine Independent School District in pursuit of excellence in teaching, innovation in the classroom, and superior learning opportunities for all students.