Avoid the Summer Slide: Students can check out books in June at libraries at summer camp locations.

Reading during the summer is a great way to foster a love of reading and to help students maintain the skills they learned during the school year. To give students convenient access to books, Aldine ISD school libraries will stay open in June at summer camp locations.

Checking out books is not limited to summer camp attendees. Anyone with an Aldine ISD student ID can check out books.

Students may return books in August if they want to keep them to read in July.

Libraries Staying Open at Summer Camp Locations & Schedules

Prekindergarten Campuses, June 3-14

Girl-in-Library-1[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]García-Leza EC/PK/K[/li] [li] Griggs EC/PK/K [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Keeble EC/PK/K[/li] [li] Kujawa EC/PK/K [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Magrill EC/PK/K[/li] [li] Vines EC/PK/K [/li][/ul]

Elementary & Middle School Campuses, June 10-27

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Anderson ES[/li] [li] Black ES [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Bussey ES[/li] [li] Carmichael ES [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Carter Academy[/li] [li] Ermel ES[/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Escamilla ES[/li] [li] Greenspoint ES [/li][/ul]Boy-with-books-1[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Jones ES[/li] [li] Oleson ES[/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Parker ES[/li] [li] Raymond ES [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Stehlik ES[/li] [li]Drew Academy [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]García MS[/li] [li] Grantham Academy [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Jones MS[/li] [li] Lewis MS [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Mead MS[/li] [li] Shotwell MS[/li][/ul]

Ninth & High School Campuses, June 4-28

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Davis Ninth[/li] [li] Eisenhower Ninth [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li] Carver HS [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Davis HS[/li] [li] Eisenhower HS [/li][/ul][ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Nimitz HS [/li][/ul]

Why is Summer Reading Important?

When students don’t read during the summer, they experience learning loss. Experts call this summer learning loss the “summer slide.” Students who experience the loss are more likely to struggle when they return to school in the fall.

Research shows that low–income families suffer a greater loss if children are not reading over the summer months,” said Cindy Buchanan, program director for library services. “Not only do they fall far behind their peers, but they also experience cumulative effects.”

Let’s take a child in elementary school that doesn’t spend every summer reading. By the time this child reaches middle school, he or she may have lost as much two years worth of achievement. Studies also show a clear difference between rich and poor students. There was a seven-month difference in scores at the beginning of second grade. But the learning loss mounted during four summers. It led to an achievement difference of 80 percent between rich and poor students by the end of sixth grade.

Summer is a great time to help children fall in love with reading. Experts agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills. They also do better in school.

For more information, visit AldineISD.org/LibraryServices.

Create a reading culture. Engage children in reading literacy. Motivate them to become lifelong readers. And let books inspire individuals of all ages.