Funding will increase options for families and students who attend great schools.

Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney (second from right, standing) visits with students at Goodman Elementary School. Under her leadership, the district moved from a “C” rating to a “B.” Goffney’s new five-year strategic plan lays the foundation to ensure students have access to high-quality schools.

Aldine ISD recently received $1.35 million for school improvement initiatives that will dramatically improve schools, create more options for families, and ensure that more students attend great schools.

School Action Fund (SAF) grants, funded by TEA provide districts, including Aldine ISD, with funds to develop transformative programs that will improve the quality of education for students who attend schools that have historically struggled. TEA and Aldine ISD are committed to relentlessly focusing on improving low-performing schools through the implementation of transformative actions that create more choices and opportunities for students.

“This opportunity from the state means Aldine ISD will have fewer C, D, and F schools and more A and B schools,” said Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney. “We want every child in Aldine to be in a great school, and these funds are part of our vision for A New Way Forward at Aldine ISD.” 

Aldine ISD has already seen significant improvements. Last year, the district had one campus that would have been rated an “A.” This year, AISD has four “A” schools that received those high marks. Additionally, Aldine ISD now has 4,435 fewer students learning in D and F schools. And that is not all. With the district’s 2018-2019 scores, the Aldine ISD moved from a “C” to a “B.” These funds are additional supports to help meet Aldine’s goals in A New Way Forward

Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney; and the Office of Transformation, is taking bold action to create opportunities to ensure all students have access to high-quality schools. 

The System of Great Schools framework, in the district’s new five-year strategic plan, A New Way Forward, is the unifying theory of action that knits together our priorities with these bold actions. This framework will serve as the district’s foundation to increase the number of top-rated schools.

SAF Funds Will Help AISD:

  • Dramatically improve student achievement;
  • Implement social and emotional learning to maximize student engagement;
  • Develop strong leaders throughout Aldine ISD;
  • Strategically organize resources to accelerate student outcomes; and
  • Build stronger communications and outreach efforts.

To learn more about school actions, please visit the Center for School Action website.