Guidance and Counseling Department

Twiana Collier
[email protected]
Director of Guidance, Counseling & Student Support Services

Efrain Uribe
[email protected]
Program Director of Elementary Guidance, Counseling & Student Support Services

Denise Keaton
[email protected]
Coordinator of Student Financial Aid


Aldine ISD is dedicated to the belief that the Guidance and Counseling Program is an integral part of the total educational experience for all students. The program is developmental in content and process,and is integrated within all educational areas and grade levels. Developmental guidance supports the efforts of faculty and parents/guardians in promoting:

  • Academic Success
  • Awareness of Career
  • Personal and Social Development

Mission Statement

Aldine ISD counselors facilitate instruction by removing impediments to student learning by such methods as classroom guidance, career planning, individual and group counseling, and appropriate academic course selection. In addition, Aldine ISD school counselors share the common goals and objectives of the district: to prepare ALL STUDENTS academically and socially to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and to become responsible and productive citizens.

Texas Comprehensive Developmental

The Aldine ISD counseling department follows the Texas Comprehensive developmental Guidance and counseling program which is an integral part of the total educational program. It provides a systematic, planned approach for helping all students acquire and apply basic life skills by making optimal use of special knowledge and skills of school counselors.

This program is based on four components, which are as follows:

  • Guidance Curriculum
    the purpose of the guidance curriculum is to help students acquire age-appropriate knowledge and skills within the scope of the following content areas: self confidence, development, motivation to achieve, decision making, goal setting, planning, problem solving skills, interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, cross-cultural effectiveness and responsible behavior.
  • Responsive Services
    the purpose of the responsive services component is to intervene on behalf of those students whose immediate personal concerns or problems put their continued personal-social, career and/or educational development at risk.
  • Individual Planning
    the purpose of the individual planning system is to guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their own educational career and personal social development.
  • System Support
    this component describes services and management activities which indirectly benefit students.

Counselor’s Role

In addition to following the Texas Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model, the role of the school counselor is:

  • Elementary/Intermediate Counselor
    The elementary/intermediate school counselor provides academic and social counseling promoting healthy relationships with peers. The counselor at this level is key in assisting students with identifying their own feelings as well as help students adjust to school.
  • Middle School Counselor
    The middle school counselor provides counseling to help students with academic, social and emotional issues and concerns. The counselor at this level is key to preparing students for high school.
  • High School Counselor
    The high school counselor is key to preparing students for post high school graduation, as well as college and career awareness. Education plans facilitate the success of students during their high school years.